New Pastors For Koga, Munakata And Nozomigaoka Ordained And Appointed

We are so grateful to the LORD of the harvest for sending new laborers into His field in Fukuoka Prefecture.

On September 27, 2017, Bro. Yang We Seok, Bro. Kim Sung Hyo and Bro. Kim Min Gu,  all from South Korea, were ordained as Evangelists by Pastor Ken Fujinaga, Chairman of the Ministers Ordaining Council of Japan Advent Christian Conference on two separate Inauguration Ceremonies held at Koga Gorakugaoka Christ Church from 11:00 A.M. and Nozomigaoka Christ Church from 3:00 P.M. These churches are partner churches of Agape House-Fukuoka.

Pastor Ken Fujinaga administering the ordination and appointment of Bro. Yang We Seok (center) and Bro. Kim Sung Hyo (right)

Bro. Yang We Seok is appointed as Pastor of Koga Gorakugaoka Christ Church. He is succeeding Pastor Toshihiro Yano (aged 72), who will retire on October 29, 2017 after ministering the Koga Gorakugaoka Christ Church for 34 years. Bro. Kim Sung Hyo is also appointed as Pastor of Shiawase Church (Agape House-Munakata).

Bro. Kim Min Gu being ordained and appointed by Pastor Ken Fujinaga

While, Bro. Kim Min Gu is appointed as Pastor of Nozomigaoka Church Church succeeding Pastor Kazuo Yano (aged 76), who will retire at the end of the year after ministering for 17 years.

Let us uphold these brethren along with their families in prayer as they start taking the great task of shepherding the flocks of our LORD in their respective local churches.

Group photo after the Inauguration Ceremony held at Koga Gorakugaoka Christ Church.
Group photo after the Inauguration Ceremony held at Nozomigaoka Christ Church.

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